Jodie is the mother of 3 terrific kids, 2 biological and one recently adopted from South Africa. She lives in Seattle and, as a Southern California native who misses the sun, has been charting the significant Sun Breaks in her life on this blog since 2006.  She also writes about the gray days.

She’s not very organized, crafty or neat but, has a knack for telling it like it is – messy parts and all.  In recent years, she has taken up triathlons, consistently placing in the back of the pack. But, she finishes.

 She’s married to Mike, author of the blog Killing Churchianity and lead pastor at Overlake Christian Church. After 15 years, she’s still not really sure what the term “pastor’s wife” means so, she tends to just try and be herself – which sometimes gets her husband in trouble. 

She speaks at conferences and events sometimes, offering the perspective of a woman who has a lot to learn and who daily relies on grace for survival. Email her here if you need a speaker who doesn’t have it all together and if you want to help her pay off her family’s adoption debt.

Jodie, a former English teacher and graduate of the University of California, San Diego, moonlights as a freelance writer, copyeditor and technical writer – writing everything from articles to website copy for non-profits to proposals for construction companies.  She literally works at night – that wasn’t a joke. She specializes in writing sharp persuasive copy that cuts clean through boring, predictable marketing-speak. Also, her rates are really cheap. If you’re interested in these services, contact her here.