Thursday, January 11, 2007

Storms, Trees and an Anniversary

December 15, 1996. The day our lives changed forever and Michael and I embarked on this adventure called marriage. We've added 2 kids and a dog to our numbers over the last 10 years and it does keep getting better.

The problem with our anniversary is that it's in December. It seemed like a good idea to wed in the month of Christmas cheer at the time. The church was already decorated, I was on a break from school etc.......But, Michael is a pastor. And that means Christmas is filled with lots of extra commitments, parties, performances and counseling. I've spent many a Christmas Eve solo with a drill in my hand putting together toys for Christmas morning.

But, this year was going to be different. 10 years is an impressive, exciting milestone. We had plans. We were going away go a beautiful lodge by a waterfall. Nothing was going to stand in our way! Michael even passed on Seahawks tickets. Nothing that is except for if your four year old has a Christmas performance that night, or the worst storm in Northwest history decides to pound the land on the night of your anniversary.

We cancelled our plans at the romantic lodge in order to watch Caleb sing heavy metal Christmas carols with his preschool class (he was wearing sunglasses and playing a cardboard guitar - pretty damn cute). Alas, the performance was postponed at the last minute due to impending inclimate weather. Oh well, we thought, we could have an intimate date after the kiddos went to bed. The kids finally fell asleep. We reached for a bottle of wine and then, the wind began to roar. I've heard wind blow before but, never roar. Trust me, it's a different sound. The house went black, the air went cold and all four of us camped out by the romantic fireplace downstairs for warmth and for fear that trees might fall on our house. Eight, count them eight, days later our power came back on.....

Well, we thought, we can celebrate in January. So, we planned to visit the romantic lodge by the waterfall on January 11th. I painstakingly arranged babysitters, started planning what I was going to wear and even had a dream about the hot rock massage I was going to get. Alas, the night before we left, a massive snow storm dumped several feet of snow on our region. School is cancelled. Babysitters can't make it to our house. Anniversary plans? Foiled again.

So, we've now rescheduled for the end of's hoping!

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