Friday, February 1, 2008

Movie Review :JUNO

Mike and I went to see Juno today (ah, how nice it is to have kids in school!) mostly because we are huge fans of the character George Michael from the short-lived TV series, "Arrested Development" (seriously hilarious). I can't stop thinking about the movie today.

The flick proved to be a gigantic tear jerker (not that it's at all hard to make me cry), smacking of redemption and second chances. Not to mention, there are some big laugh lines. The dilalogue is well-written, smart and witty. At times it's hard to believe that a real high school student could come up with lines as witty and well-timed as the character of Juno. I think that's because we spent a good portion of our lives dealing with REAL high school students....... That said, I LOVED this movie!

Definitely worth your time........



  1. Hi! Sure thing on the link. Thanks! Glad to know of your blog!

  2. Jesse and I loved this movie too. I didn't expect to be so moved by it. Worth seeing for sure!

  3. A movie??? In the middle of the day??? What is that like? Oh, can't wait till kids are in school . . . .

  4. i assumed Juno was directed by the same guy that directed Knocked Up because it's about an unexpected pregnancy, and Michael Cera stars as Juno's boyfriend (he was one of the goofy kids from Superbad, a close relative of Knocked Up), but it turns out this is not the case... all in all the movie had in interesting/unique style


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