Monday, February 18, 2008

Shaking off the Dust

Germs love 40 degree Seattle weather. The little pricks rub their tentacles together with glee every time someone in my family double dips or shares a straw.

We have been consistently ill since the beginning of January. Colds, flu, diarrhea, sinus infections, you name it.......

Yes, we take vitamins. Yes, we eat our fruits and veggies. No, we did not get the flu shot. Next year, we will stand in whatever line we have to get our arms pricked!

I am attempting to train for a half marathon and the three illnesses I've had in the past six weeks have made it difficult to stick to the training schedule. I had to skip my 10 miler this week. I tried, I really did. I had the flu for the first part of the week but, when the fever passed, I thought I'd be able to resume running. Ha ha. I left the house feeling optimistic. Ten minutes into the run, ny legs felt like they weighed 200 pounds each. I couldn't get into a groove and I just felt miserable. I came home early and had some cookies.

I realized that night how fortunate I am to be able to run every day. It is such a gift. Sometimes we appreciate things only after they're taken away.

We're on our way to wholeness. Getting there slowly.

The flowering plum trees are about to bloom in Seattle. The pink buds open up, reaching for the sun behind the clouds, shaking off the dust of winter and embracing the warmth of Spring. Only after a period of gray can the blossoms come out.

Good think my race is in the spring, too!


  1. this is from Megan Hutchinson...HEY Jody! I'm roaming with Neely, the Queen of Blogging and she showed me your blog, I just had to post a comment.
    First of all, you are a great writer. I think you should write a book, several articles, or something. Truly, you have a gift.
    Secondly, I miss you a ton. You (and Neely for that matter) were two of the most authentic and intentionally deeper people at Saddleback ...and I have yet to find that since you've gone. Kinda sad, but true.
    All to say, I miss what you bring, your depth and totally uncensored honesty.
    Wow, that was SUPER deep for me at this ungodly hour of 12:51am!

    hope to hear from you sometime soon.

    love ya!

  2. Hey Jodie! Sorry to hear you have been illin'. We have had a very similar winter, despite our best attempts at staying healthy. Here's to a healthy spring!


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