Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Woman Marathoner....

Check this out...

Kathrine Switzer was the FIRST woman to run the Boston marathon. She had to enter under "K Switzer" because women were not permitted to enter. Half way through, the race organizer attempted to physically throw her out of the race (photo above), but was unsuccessful. At the time, doctors, scholars and the general public did not believe a woman could actually make it 26.2 miles without collapsing.

She appeared in the New York Times in a triumphant photo the day after the race.

Here's her story in her own words..


  1. love it! it's great being a women!

  2. I love being a women too. That story gives me the chills!

  3. Wow! Awesome story. I sent the link to my friend who just ran the Boston marathon. She'll love it.


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