Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go Giants!

T-ball is hilarious. Six year olds don't know how to catch a baseball, nor do they understand anything about the game. After 30 seconds of fielding, 90% of them began drawing detailed pictures in the dirt or covering their faces with their glove to become some sort of imaginary monster. At one point yesterday, 6 players from our team were all fighting each other over a grounder that made it through at least 3 of their legs. One little boy was in tears saying, "That's MY ball!" There are no real "outs." We simply go through the entire batting lineup and then switch. Everyone scores and everyone swings until they make contact with the ball.

The best part is that no matter what the kids do, we parents go nuts. When they swing and miss, run to third instead of first, or simply get struck in the head by a wayward ball, we applaud vivaciously and scream out compliments. "Way to go buddy! That was the right idea! You're awesome, dude! High five, pal! Nice hit!" We cheer ourselves hoarse and crack up together on the sidelines.

After the game, our little Giants were beaming from ear to ear while eating the quintessential snack provided by the parent of the week. Only one kid asked what the score was.


  1. Too cute! You'll have to let me know some game times. I'd love to watch the antics of 6 year old's playing baseball. :)

  2. Little League is the best! Snack bar food is questionable.

  3. yes, but in just 4 very short years, you will find yourselves traveling out of town on the weekends to watch stolen bases, perfect bunts, and wonderfully executed double plays! Baseball is the best! HAVE FUN!!!!

  4. Go Caleb!! I am also so proud of you! Way to go bud! Nice swing! Good running. Whoop! Yea team!

  5. Oh, how cute! I'm just glad to hear Michael isn't repeating some family trends (screaming from the bleachers, fighting the umpire, etc). Good to know that it's not genetic. :)

  6. aww jode! i love you and miss you.. i was there only one day and it was all very last minute. i do not have your email. mine is i would love to catch up.



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