Sunday, May 4, 2008

What I did Today

There is a long, long list of things moms accomplish in the space of twenty-four hours. I woke up today vowing I'd keep a mental note of the various tasks I accomplished, large or small, throughout the day.

1.Say goodbye to husband, manage to muster a "You're gonna do great today!" before passing back out.

2. Wake up to Alex saying, "Mom, we need help figuring out the TV."

3. Fix TV, put on show for kids.

4. Make breakfast. Clean up breakfast.

5. Get kids dressed and ready for church. Convince son to wear a shirt with a collar because it really is cool and "Uncle Kipp has one like it." Chase him with hair gel. Discuss "matching" with 8 year old, then agree to let her choose her own identity.

6. Break up a fight stemming from sibling rivalry. Apply ice to injury. Say something like, "I JUST want to eat my granola bar!"

7. Take shower, get self and kids ready for church. Listen for fighting during shower. Apply concealer to serious bags under eyes.

8. Find daughter's missing shoe after searching frantically. Drive to church.

9. Drop kids off into Sunday school class.

10. Attend church, pick kids up from Sunday School. Talk to a bazillion people. Smile. Eat lunch at restaurant.

11. Arrive home, supervise cleaning of hamster and rabbit cages. Also, have kids "clean" rooms.

12. Weed. Apply 2 yards of bark to flower beds.

13. Move goats. (See previous post)

14. Help daughter with 2nd grade State Report.

15. Play legos with son.

16. Move goats. They keep yelling at me.

17. Give neighbors tour of goats' accomplishments.

18. Make dinner. Clean up dinner.

19. Put away laundry. Run 2 new loads.

20. Clean kids. They were playing with the goats earlier.....

21. Take out trash and recycling.

22. Have kids brush teeth. Read books, tuck them in.

23. Make lunches for tomorrow morning, pack backpacks.

24. Clean kitchen, other various messes. Fold laundry .

23. BLOG, then PASS OUT!


  1. The favorite part of my day was having lunch with you guys. Thanks for including me.

    Love you all .... xoxo

  2. I feel like by the time I arrive to church on Sunday I have ran a race. The final stretch is the mile long sidewalk leading to the front doors.

  3. That sounds like so many of my days with a few differences. You are a great mom! I love that the thought of cool Uncle Kipp is with your family on a busy Sunday morning.

    Now that I am working at church Kipp is the one that kisses me and then falls back to sleep and gets Tanner ready for the day. He's my Mr. Mom!


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