Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some Quick Updates

Many of you have been e-mailing me, wondering about some resolutions of previous posts. Here you go!

In case you were wondering....

1) Fuzzy the caterpillar (see previous post) has passed on, as has our second replacement caterpillar. I was not in favor of the second attempt at achieving chrysalis but, Mike somehow thought finding one on his run was a sign that we should try once more. We're at 2 strikes.

Here's a crazy thought. Maybe caterpillars were meant to run free. Eat whatever they want, party until solitary confinement. I'll ask God when I reach the pearly gates.

2) We still have a black rabbit that scratches anyone who holds it. Ask me to see my scars next time you see me. Anybody want a bunny?

3) Spring really has come to Seattle and summer is on its heels. We've had a good amount of sunshine and my yard has come to life! I can see mountains (real ones!) in nearly every direction and the lilacs smell divine.

More later...going to my cousin Matt's wedding in Baltimore tomorrow! Mike has the kiddos (hee-hee).

More on Monday,



  1. Have fun at the wedding. How about an update on Kelly's baby #2??

  2. A big "amen" for Mike having the kiddos...whoo hooo for you!

  3. My condolences on the caterpillar. So much death. Why God why??


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