Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Wedding, a Birth, and Disneyland.......

The kids and I are in Southern California, reveling in the hundred plus degree heat. It's hot, and we're melting, but I'm NOT going to complain. Seattle has not come close to delivering appropriate amounts of Vitamin D lately. So, I am soaking it up, refusing to discuss my swollen feet and overly actice sweat glands. I absolutely will not discuss the dress I wore in my sister's wedding and how droplets of sweat were pouring down my legs. I completely refuse to blog about running 5 miles and almost passing out.....

We have survived a whirlwind of family activity. My younger sister, Jamie (number 5 out of the six sisters) got married on Sunday and my other younger sister, Kelly (number 2 out of the six sisters) gave birth to a gorgeous son on Monday. We rested a bit today and are headed to Disneyland tomorrow. We get home Saturday and I'm running a half marathon on Sunday................Anyone want to babysit?

So, my 10 readers, I am still alive and will resume more active blogging soon! Photos of all the craziness to follow.....


  1. Yes, we want photos!
    Miss you guys btw :)

  2. Oh good, you are okay. I missed seeing you guys when you were here. :(

  3. I will always watch your kids. I have no plans on Sunday. Let me know if I can come over and hang with the kids while you run! xoxo P.S. I'm serious. It's fun for me too! Call me if you want me to. :)

  4. I am proud to be one of your 10 readers. You are a stud!


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