Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chess Boxing

I love the Olympics. I can't wait to watch them in August. I'm not normally a dedicated sports fan but am counting the days until I can watch the running, cycling, swimming, and of course, the gymnastics.

In my quest to learn more about the Olympians competing this year, I discovered some new sports I have never heard of.

Chessboxing. Yep, you box, then play chess. Apparently this is becoming a huge deal and has an ever expanding fan base. Not an Olympic sport but the Chessboxing Association is working on it.

"Chessboxing has been branded the ultimate challenge for body and mind where combatants try to think and make strategic moves around the chess board and then they stand up with boxing gloves and all and try to knock each other senseless."While the mix may sound strange at first, at least there’s action involved and both fighters have to be skilled whether at the board or with the gloves. "

Good luck, guys.

Some other interesting sports (these are real)...

Elephant Polo
Mountain Unicycling
Underwater Hockey

Some sports I just invented..

CandyLand Fencing
Rubix Cube Ice Dancing
Dungeons and Dragons Bungee Jumping

We'll see if they catch on....


  1. Very creative Jodie! You are in the wrong career.

  2. Hi! Remember me from UCSD? IV? Does Knott's Scary Farm ring a bell? I don't have your email address so I made a comment on your blog in hopes that you'd have time to write back.
    My first comment - frighteningly my husband Jason is a mountain unicycler. Yep, one-wheeled fun times! I've never heard about this boxing-chess phenomenon. hilarious!

    Secondly (& the reason why I contacted you before) I'm moving to La Mirada this week and need to find an OB/Doula in the south LA/north Orange county areas ASAP. I think you lived a bit more south but I know you were involved in the doula community and wondered if you happen to still have any contacts down there? Any info would help as I'm picking doctors in the dark and literally don't know a soul.
    It's been fun catching up on your new life in Washington!
    Take care, Kim (Triplat) Tresser


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