Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Heart the Olympics

I am a dork.

Nerd, dweeb, geek, nimrod, lame-o... Insert whatever term you used to refer to the drama club in high school. (no offense former drama club members out there. At my high school it was so not cool. I did secretly want to be in the plays, though. And, there's the fact that most of the drama dorks at my school went to Dartmouth, Harvard, Stanford etc... Look who's laughing now.)

I am a dork for the Olympics this year. I'm addicted to any and all pre-Olympic coverage. I can't get enough. I've been having dreams that I am one of them, that I'm carrying the torch into the stadium in Bejing. In real life, I'm researching schedules and programming the TIVO to record ping-pong. I haven't been this into the Olympics since Mary Lou Retton won the gold in '84.

I mean, have you heard of Dara Torres, the 41 year old swimmer? She's faster at 41 than she was at 21 and I'd kill for her body.

Or, the 3siblings on the TaeKwonDo team?

Ryan Hall, the marathon runner, who lost his teammate to cardiac arrest in the Olympic trials?

Or, the women's marathon team, all in their mid-30's?

I am tuned in to the older athletes (Hmm, wonder why?)....

I can't wait for the drama to unfold.

If you need me, I'll be in my family room for the month of August.


  1. just call me a nerd...
    i love the olympics. they make me cry like a baby. Plus, I was in high school drama!

  2. I would like to pretend that I don't care about the Olympics but they always suck me in... plus, we have a friend from college competing this year... keep your eyes peeled for Bryan Clay - he's a decathlete!!

  3. I can't wait for the Olympics either! YAY! Friday!

  4. Oh yeah...LOVE the Ollympics....even at 30-something I have this dillusional idea about "wouldn;'t that be cool to be in the Olympics..." I love the stories behind the athletes you mentioned.
    Thanks for your post on my "beginning" blog. I was SO EXCITED to get back to posting today and find I had a comment!!!! I've loved reading your blog, I think I found it off Mile Markers awhile ago, so it was so fun seeing your comment on mine. Thanks!!!

  5. We love them too! We will have to watch them while we are up there!!

  6. You should have an Olympics Party!

  7. OOO, good idea. Can I wear a gold medal? Maybe the one I got from VBC...:)


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