Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last night Caleb and I found ourselves alone. Alex was at a sleepover and Mike is at his 20 year high school reunion in California. (He's called a few times to report that the homecoming queen and prom princess have lost some sparkle and that many of his buddies are bald.)

I asked Caleb to go on a date with me. He accepted with a cute little smile.

"Buddy, pick anywhere you want...just not Chuck E. Cheese...Ok?"
"Mama, I want to eat at your restaurant. I want to stay home with you and play."

How could I say no? All he wanted to do was stay home and play with me. I was able to convince him that mommy's restaurant was kind of closed and we should go grab food and bring it back. We had a picnic in the front yard and played "superheroes" while we ate. My super hero name was Supersonic. I had laser vision, super strength, nostril power, and could fly.
Caleb had a host of powers I can't remember now but I do remember the bad guy had vomit power.

We sat in the sunshine, and Caleb did all the talking, not a surprise if you know my son. He narrated a story line and I nodded and listened, throwing in a "wow" or "cool" or "no way" at appropriate moments. I also threw in "one more bite" and "watch your drink" a few times.

At first I thought I was giving Caleb the gift of my time, that he was the one benefitting from our game. Then, I realized, sometime after vomit power man tried to douse us in puke and I warded him off by blowing with my nostril power, that I was the one who needed the playtime. The reality that he's growing up hit me like a ton of bricks. There will be a day when he doesn't want to play superheroes with me on our front lawn, when eating at home will not be his first choice.

I soaked up the time with my son. Someday, when he drives off to college, waits for his bride at the end of the aisle, or becomes a daddy himself, I will pull out this memory and remember the little boy who just wanted to play with me.


  1. me too...
    by the way, I've seen you use your nose power when we've went running's quite impressive!

  2. you made me cry.

    so glad you soaked in that time.

    love you

  3. The S is for super
    the U is for unqiue
    the P is for perfection, cause you know that we are freaks . . .

    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

    Yes, it is so bittersweet that someday we will not be someone they even want to hang out with. Wahhhhh!!!

  4. I LOVED THIS! Your last paragraph especially sent me bawling... As a mom of two boys, I can TOTALLY's so awesome to just sit back and appreciate all these wonderful times.
    (I hope you don't mind that I added you to my "check it out" section on my blog...)

  5. I'm glad to see that Marissa and everyone else cried too. I thought it was just me with my crazy hormones.
    Today at lunch Tanner kept leaning his head against my arm for a hug and a kiss. I just felt such amazing love that he doesn't want to go through a meal without showing his mom some love. I know that won't last forever so I want to enjoy now.

  6. you gave me goosebumps and put tears in my eyes. I probably would be crying right now if I weren't at work....
    My boys are grown and married and one of them has two babies, yet it still seems like yesterday that they were arguing over who got to sit next to me in the car or under the quilt while we watched tv. The night-time prayers, the good morning snuggles, the "I'll love you forever, mommy's. " OK, now I'm crying. gotta go....

  7. Yep, I'm tearing up too! I completely remember special times like that with my mom, and they are memories I will cherish forever.
    You're a great mom, Jodie.


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