Saturday, September 20, 2008

Captain #2

In case you are following my soccer season with bated breath, we won today. 13-1. No joke.

I wish winning by that much felt as awesome as it sounds. I found myself feeling incredibly bad for the other team, the other coach....I tried my best to have my team communicate good sportsmanship in spite of the massacre taking place. I gave a rather rousing speech on good sportsmanship at half time (after just yelling at my husband to stop giving me coaching advice).

Which brings me to this week's choice for captain. My own daughter (I'm not playing favorites, there have been 3 captains before her) gets the honor this week. During the second half, when we were up by 10 points, she collided with another little girl from the Penguins. Alex paused, asked if the girl was OK and grabbed her hand in a super duper sportsmanship-like gesture. I was all, CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN!!!!! Don't tell her if you see her. She'll find out on Tuesday at our next practice.

As always, GO FIREDOGS!


  1. Good sportsmanship is one of the best lessons we can learn from team sports. That and being a good team player.

    Good for you coach!

  2. Way to go Alex!! We are all very proud of her in the Butterworth Household~

  3. Good sportsmanship is more than shaking hands at the end of the game. Alex has figured out what that is. Good for her! Go Firedogs!

  4. The previous post is me....I hit the wrong button!


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