Monday, September 29, 2008

Community Matters

This is a photo of my kids and all my best friends' kids serving as flower girls and ring bearers in Dave and Kinsey Piscatelli's (an awesome young couple from our church.)wedding. Mike and I know their parents pretty intimately. We have all been part of a "Life group" (this just means we meet weekly for dinner, conversation, encouragement, and Bible Study) for 4 years. I post this for a few reasons.

1. We all have really, really good looking kids. Seriously, our kids are way cuter than yours.

2. This pic captures the different personalities of the kids with remarkable accuracy.

3. This photo reminds me of the importance of community. These kids are all growing up together, alternately loving and fighting one another (usually with light sabers) , because their parents have made a decision to intentionally do life with friends. If anyone in our group needs anything, money, a car, encouragement, a place to stay, shoulder to cry on, emergency babysitting...they are one e-mail or phone call away from having their need met. This group has weathered enormous storms together. Miscarriages. Divorce. Disappointment. Loss of jobs. Illness. When I look at this photo, I love these kids in a powerful, feel it in my gut kind of way. When I think about their parents, I start to cry.

As humans, we're designed for relational connection. Plus, you should see my friend Jesse's frog imitation. That's probably the real reason we all show up at life group.

I am so incredibly thankful for these friends and how they consistently challenge me and point me to the safe place of Grace.


  1. What an encouraging post, Jodie! Great way to start the day. I was going to say that your kids ARE indeed the cutest of them all. No doubt the smartest as well. With the best parents too!
    Jessie Butterworth MUST be Bill's son, right? Hmmm...
    I've been loving your blog. You're a great communicator and a wonderful encourager.

  2. Awesome!
    What do you do with your kids while you meet?

  3. Ahh, I want that so badly. I am so thrilled (and a little jealous) for you. I am praying for that for my husband and I.

    FYI, my kids leave yours in the dust - cuteness wise!

  4. I love this picure and I love this post simply because it illustrates how powerful small groups can be. I love doing life with our small group, and although we have lost some and gained some.....I still feel this powerful connection to each one of them.

  5. OK. I must be emotional but I am totally crying right now. I have had the same exact feelings towards this picture and love all that it represents. I really do LOVE our lifegroup and feel so fortunate to have one that really thrives and works.

    PS. We have a babysitter that watches the kids while we eat and chat. We pay her $5 per kid. We start our group at 6pm and end it around 8pm (or when the kids start melting down). We eat bring something to eat and the babysitter helps make sure that the kids are fed.

  6. And yes, Jesse Butterworth is Bill's son. :)


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