Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hot Topics

The latest series at our church.....

Politics, Abortion, Pornography, Homosexuality, Oprah........AND JESUS. Enough controversy for a reality TV Show (not that I watch those, I mean...really, how ridiculous...seriously....)

This is stuff we SHOULD be talking about at church. We delight in blowing stereotypes about Christianity out of the water.

We don't mess around. Come check it out. We have free coffee.
Click here for more details.....


  1. as a co-habitating, pro-choice, equal-rights, leftist, beer-loving Seeker, i doubt there would be much for me... but i applaud not shying away from hot topics. i hope there is room for dialogue and not absolutes in your conversations/teachings. best to you!

  2. I also thank you for the invitation Jodie, but also doubt there's anything at Overlake for me... especailly since I am an agnostic living on the east coast :).

    Like Diane though, I do appluad you for tackling the issues ( though I don't think co-habitation and homosexuality should even be "issues") if you are indeed blowing the lid off conventional christian thinking in your dialogue.

    And on the subject of christian stereotypes.... Are you headed toward allowing female elders/leaders in your megachurch? In a previous post you mentioned that you and your husband both lead the church. Makes one think that perhaps the changes there are real... and relevant to today's society. Good luck!

  3. Oh, there is dialogue, Diane! I'm proud to stand behind this series specifically because of the room for conversation and most importantly, LOVE.

    By the way, Mike brews his own beer. In our garage.

    Ginny, I encourage you to check out the free downloads of the series...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, moved even.

  4. A book to shatter your stereotypes about Christians and Christianity...

    "Traveling Mercies," by Anne Lamott....I LOVE HER. So will any of my more liberally inclined, progressive readers.....

  5. Hi Jodie. I will check out the series and let you know what i think... if you want Thanks.

    You missed my question about female elders/leaders...........

  6. I second the recommendation of Anne Lammott and "Traveling Mercies" (and everything else she writes)!

    And that's even from one of your conservative, regressive readers! :)

  7. Ginny...

    There is absolutely room in our church for female leadership....We have some AMAZING women on staff who run important and diverse ministries....

  8. I can't show up and so I just went to itunes for the podcast!

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  10. Ginny, I'm open to further respectful dialogue in a more private setting. You can e-mail me at jlhowerton@hotmail.com or find me on Facebook. I'd initiate the e-mail, but you have an anonymous profile.

    I deleted your comment because well, it was flat out rude.

    Know this, no one is a bigger feminist than me. Mike and I believe in equality and, in fact, the Bible teaches it. I'd love to hash all of this out with you in a different forum.......

    your call.

  11. Traveling Mercies is one of my all time favortie books! LOVE IT.

    BTW... I hope I didn't sound negative about your church... I was just saying I'm almost everything on your list. :) I'll check out a podcast.


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