Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Eighties and Amy

Last night, I went with some girlfriends to see the contemporary Christian
music legend, Amy Grant. She's on a 20th anniversary tour performing her old
gospel tunes. It honestly feels like yesterday when I listened to her tapes
on my bright yellow walkman in my room and performed my own concert, clad in
flourescent pink spandex, bangs spiked to the heavens, in front of the
mirror. The show was filled with eighties music, eighties dance moves, and
lots of older white people who struggled to clap on the downbeat. At one
point, my friends and I got busted by an old lady for standing during the
show. Standing.

I haven't listened to any Amy Grant tunes in years. But, I found that I
still knew all the words to her songs. I was transported back to time when I
would stay up late reading Nancy Drew books and dream about what I would be
when I grew up. This music is so old, my friend, Amy, brought old vinyl
records for Amy to sign.

The best part of the night was that several of us got to go backstage and
take pictures with Amy (notice the casual first name reference...... we're
totally friends, now.) She had a line of 75 people and still too time to talk to us...I'll not divulge details, but let's just say having kids has also messed with her pelvic floor. We had that in common....


  1. AH Amy

    "Better wise up, Better think twice
    Never leave room for compromise . . "

  2. How dare you, standing at a concert! I'm so sure. What a great picture of you girls. Was Jesse sad that he couldn't go and get some tips from her?

  3. oh, it could bring tears to my eyes to think of my identity issues in high school and listening over and over to:

    "All I ever have to be is what you made me. Any more or less would be a step out of your plan. As you daily recreate me help me always keep in mind, that I only have to do what I can find. And all I ever have to be, all I have to be, all I ever have to be, is what you made me."

  4. So the pevic floor comment!!

  5. Wow, this is amazing! You're kind of a minor celebrity now.

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  7. What fun!! Was she at your church? I would have loved it--and I can clap on the downbeat!!

  8. Jodie, regarding the pelvic floor this may be a valuable tip from another runner whose had kids (to 2 big baby boys): Don't drink anything within 2 hours before a run. Makes a difference!

  9. Does it get better than "Baby Baby?" I don't think so. :)


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