Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Bumblebee and the Police Captain

Caleb and his neighborhood posse
Caleb and his future wife (his words, not mine.)


  1. Your future daughter in law is adorable!

  2. Such beautiful children! Love their costumes! And I love Caleb's choice of his future wife!

  3. Too cute! I miss them more than they will ever know.......

  4. They look so cute! They are getting so big, it breaks my heart a little bit! They are both so beautiful! I miss them and you!

  5. Michael and walked around the neighborhood to witness all the little kids costumes, and it was killing me that I didn't know what Alex and Caleb were going to be!

    And oh my gosh, Caleb has great taste in women. That picture makes him look so old! Like it should be his facebook profile picture of something...


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