Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Decision 2008

Tonight, America elected a new President. Regardless of who you voted for, it is absolutely time to put aside partisan differences and collectively pray for the Obama family. Leadership is difficult and weighty. This family is about to be put through the ringer in a brand new way.

If your candidate lost, tuck in your pride and recognize that God is still God no matter who holds the office of President. If your candidate won, resist the urge to gloat and recognize that our nation needs unity and healing. Pray for wisdom for our new leader.

I was struck by several things over 4 hours of CNN coverage that Mike and I watched. First, McCain's concession speech smacked of honor and humility. I can't imagine that conceding would be easy for anyone. It certainly wasn't for me when I ran for Sr. class Vice-President in high school (thanks very much, Katie Keane,,,,I swear, I'm not holding a grudge.) I was impressed with McCain's reverent and submissive attitude. Second, Obama's victory speech was extraordinarily humble. His appeal to voters whose approval he "had not yet won" moved me.

I go to bed tonight hopeful for our nation, encouraged that the marginalized and oppressed have found a voice, and that God is still God no matter what.


  1. Great insight! I feel that the only way America can move forward is with optimism. America spoke with an OVERWHELMING majority. I am an inspired, educated young person who is ready to change lives for the better. I have never been so optimistic about the future of the good old USA. I am praying with you....

  2. a wonderful entry, and it rings true within my heart.

    your words, easier said than done when so much emotion has been invested in this high-profile election...

    but with God, all things... ALL THINGS are possible, and regardless of the person who was elected, we have a very interesting four years ahead of us.


  3. thanks jodie.

    what a great reminder.

    and i agree, i was really touched by J.M. acceptance speech. it was respectful, positive, gracious and honorable.

  4. It was a great night for the country. The look in the faces of the Obama family and the thousands in the park said it all for me. John McCain was very admirable in his speech. In the last couple weeks he really reminded all of us of what a likeable guy he is. I do believe he puts his country first and hope that his supporters follow his lead.

    I for one am glad this is FINALLY! over and we can move forward. I hope great things can be done.

  5. I love this post.... thank you for your thoughtful leadership and reminding us to pray for the first family elect....

  6. Your thoughts on are just beautiful and I totally agree. I wish everyone in the country had this attitude, it would be a much better place to live.

    Thanks for you thoughts.

    I found your blog on accident so you don't know me.

  7. You're so right, God will always be God and He's shown it through all of our history and folly. As for OVERWHELMING I don't think 52% vs 48% can be considered that. The electoral college does not always accurately reflect the actual vote. Could be that one of these days it may be abolished and the popular vote be the final say. Wouldn't necessarily change the outcome but rather provide a reflection that when the dust settles we must all work together under the Lord's guidance for Christian values instead of being a silent majority. Blessings y'all

  8. I love this!

    I have been in such awe of all the political posts written after the election. The ones that speak as you do, with a non partisan message, but instead one of hope and forward movement.


  9. your words are always so inspiring. Thank you!


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