Sunday, January 25, 2009

Calling my name....

It's snowing. Again.

I. Am. Not. Happy.

This beach is calling my name. We took this photo a few years ago in Hawaii and, on cold days like today, I stare longingly at it, imagining what life filled with Vitamin D would be like.....


  1. That's funny. I was just day dreaming about Kauai this afternoon. I'm not sure that I will make it to spring without getting some sun.

  2. I dream of going back home to Cali, and some days start looking for jobs down there :P

  3. Today has been especially hard for me regarding the weather. Maybe it's because our house is FREEZING!!
    My mom flew back home today, and she said it was 78 degrees when she landed. At night. I cried.

  4. I am getting itchy too. It is such a cold winter. I don't get mid-winter break anymore to go off somewhere warm, so that is making it extra hard.


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