Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Other Blog....

I now have two blogs. I'm a double blogger. Conversant Life, an uber cool web site hosting conversation about faith and culture, is letting me blog for them! We shall see if I can keep up the double pressure...

Check out the new blog at http://www.conversantlife.com/blogs/jodie+howerton


  1. SUPER COOL, Jodie! I am so proud of you! This is seriously great...

  2. i'll go look at this! that is very cool, jodie. did you see that i name dropped you on my blog? :)

  3. Jodie- love the concert - sorry I wasn't there to see the great preformers. Showed it to the guys here in the office too! And great news about the new blog - going to check it out! Your capacity for life is amazing - a great inspiration! And I hope the training continues to go well! Miss you guys! Lots of love


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