Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Case for Accountability

I am not a morning person. I loathe dawn. Sunrises do not make me feel inspired (mostly because I almost never see them). My poor husband has had to cope with a grumpy, irritated troll-wife nearly every morning of our marriage. Since he IS a morning person, no matter what time he goes to bed at night, we've had our share of interesting conversational exchanges over breakfast.

Mike - "Good morning. How did you sleep?"
Me- (Small grunt) Fine."
Mike - (tries to kiss me on the cheek)
Me - "Doooooon't...."
MIke - "There's coffee."

If my children awaken before I do and need something, they almost always head for Daddy's side of the bed. They're apparently afraid of troll-mommy, too. Given my penchant for hitting the snooze button, I never in a million years believed I'd rise early to exercise.

Yet, for the last month, I have found myself sliding into the car at 5:30am three days a week and driving to the pool for triathlon training. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is simple, really. People are meeting me there. If I don't show up, Sheri will know. Lori will know and Liz will know. I doubt they would torture me or excommunicate me from the training posse, but they would know.

Isolated, without accountability, I would still be spending nearly every morning underneath my warm comforter. But, because we're stacking hands, doing this race together, I can get up and swim my morning mile. This concept of accountability, of living in community, of teamwork, is such a simple one.

This is not a revolutionary blog post. Just some thoughts on a sleepy Thursday afternoon. I mean, for crying out loud, I was up at 5am. Maybe someone could hold be accountable for better endings.....


  1. When you have crossed that finish and they say your name, that you have done a 70.3 mile event, those early morning training sessions will be well worth it!

  2. And don't you get a tee-shirt? Then you can wear that victory shirt when you are hitting the snooze button!

  3. You're more than one step ahead of me! I've never been a morning person, and Chad's lucky to get a groan of some sort out of me! I much prefer sunsets. Good for you for perservering and getting up early to work out--I know I wouldn't have the determination or discipline to do that.

  4. Oh Jodie! It makes me super duper happy to think of you being awake and up and at 'em in the morning. Jonathan and I are opposite. I'm a morning gal. In our house if I have a slow grumbling response to a good morning greeting, "Oh, your body is awake but your mind is still asleep, huh?" and Jonathan nods. He's not grumpy. Ever. But he is a little slower and hilarious in the morning!

  5. i'm not comparing myself to you since you are a rock star... but i've noticed the same thing. i have been exercising after work and it's not a problem because it is structured. but on my days off? forget about it. i had wednesday off and i asked a friend if she wanted to walk... i knew she'd kick my butt and she did. i would have NEVER done it on my own. so there is so much value in doing things together!!

    now, with all that said, i would NEVER in a MILLION YEARS schedule working out in the wee hours of the morning. i have ALWAYS thought there is something just WRONG with morning people. :)

  6. I agree - accountability as such helps keep you on task. My running slacks when I'm not in a "pack" not only for just getting out the door but my effort and distance. I do love getting out the door, getting it done and being dressed and alert, and usually more alert the whole day. But I cringe at the sound of my alarm. You've got me re-energized to GET MOVING at the start of the day! What a great goal you have!


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