Saturday, March 28, 2009

Greener Easter Baskets

Easter, in addition to being Super Bowl Sunday for churches, marks one of the biggest days of candy consumption of the calendar year. Since we're all going to buy candy and assemble Easter baskets and claim they were gifted by a certain fictitious rabbit with stellar breaking and entering skills, we should consider shopping for the sweets in a responsible, compassionate way. We have a decent amount of power as consumers, so, let's use it to change the landscape of the marketplace!

Here's an article I found on assembling "green" Easter baskets.... It's amazing what a little intentional, compassionate shopping can achieve!

Check out Seattle's own FAIR TRADE and ORGANIC chocolate, Theo Chocolates. Stuff the baskets with these gourmet goodies ! You can tour the factory on Phinney St. 7 days a week, learn about the injustice rampant in the cocoa trade, AND sample some award winning treats along the way.

Head to Border's Books and purchase a DIVINE chocolate bar. An awesome FAIR TRADE, Farmer owned chocolate company.....


  1. Cool. This didn't even occur to me. Thank you for the idea.

  2. Good idea Jodie. We don't have Easter baskets much but I have been thinking about Theno's chocolates for Jonathan (I prefer pink jelly beans as my Easter candy of choice).

  3. Being a chocolate addict I had no idea of the fair trade problems. I am now an educated consumer/addict. Thanks!!!

  4. Love this post - I'm going to share your article :)

    I'm feeling green and crafty already!


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