Friday, April 17, 2009

The Quintessential Documentary

My son, Caleb, has figured out how to use the video camera.

Tonight he decided to document the habits of our shelter mutt, Scout. You see, Scout enjoys an occasional cocktail from the latrine. And, by occasional, I mean multiple times daily. I flavor my water with Crystal Lite, lemon, lime, or Zip Fizz but, Scout prefers the taste of lingering feces and/or urine.

This video could be considered entrapment. Poor Scout. Caleb locked him in the bathroom in order to memorialize his toilet drinking habits.

I was on Facebook at the time.



  1. That is seriously funny. I love how he is trying to get Scout to drink and when he finally does, he asks him what he's doing. Cute. Caleb is a pretty good videographer!

  2. That is hilarious! Caleb seems ready for a future in reality tv, he sets the scene and then acts like he had no idea it was going to happen!

  3. Go Caleb! I love how we get a good view of the toilet with the toilet paper remnants, then a shot of Scout. Great scene setting! I love you Caleb!

  4. Caleb you are awesome! Sooo grosse that scout is drinking out of the toilet!! eww!! Jazz used to do the same thing but now he's too old! Love you, buddy!


    Aunt Andi

  5. That is just hysterical, thanks for the laugh!

  6. Caleb, this is VERY funny!! We are laughing. Did you throw the paper in the toilet as an extra way to entice him?? Very smart.

    Kristen and Mark


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