Monday, May 18, 2009


I am, admittedly, a blogging slacker.

I have not blogged in two weeks. Nor have I Twittered or Facebooked. I've been busy. But, not necessarily busier than usual. Just maybe a teensy bit busier than usual. First, I didn't blog for 2 days. Then it grew to four. Then, it grew to 10. Pretty soon I found myself avoiding the computer altogether because I felt so damn guilty. Next, rationalizations surfaced to refute the guilt stemming from said non-blogginess. "It's not like this is your job," I reassured myself. "I mean, the $.03 you make a day, (AKA three copper coins that can't even purchase a latte) on your ads are not really worth it, are they?" Then, of course, I began to debate the virtue of blogging for free.

"It's not about the money. Clearly," I told myself.

While I relish the $30.00 check I get every few months for running ads on the old blog, it's not exactly income that's putting food on the table. So, I continued to rationalize, "Why keep writing FOR FREE?"

The inevitable conclusion is that I just like to. And, during my two week hiatus from blogging, I've missed it.

So, let me catch you all up on what's been happening for the last two weeks during my self-imposed blogging break.

1) I'm still training for the Iron Person Triathlon. T-minus 3 weeks until race day.

2) I got SUPER lost on a 45 mile bike ride and ended up having to call my husband for rescue in the middle of the inner city at twilight. My salvation was a Vietnamese-Hawaiian surf restaurant in the middle of Seattle. Long story. Basically involves me being not so directionally gifted. Too shameful to blog about in a separate post.

3) Mike and I have completed our Foster Parent Training classes. We're in the process of completing the whole application and home study. Hopefully by mid-fall, we'll have a new kiddo or two.

4) We've had glorious weather in Seattle until tonight. 70 degrees, people. 70. Freaking. Degrees. Tonight, however, it's raining. Said glorious weather contributed to my blogging absence. I'm supposed to ride 50 miles tomorrow. IN THE RAIN.

5) We've survived yet another construction project in our house. All in preparation for the the new kid or kiddos we hope to adopt.

6) I lost approximately 1 pound.

5) My kids are awesome.

OK, I'm back.

I promise to write again tomorrow.

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  1. love you ...

    ... whether you're blogging or not.



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