Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Agenda Interrupted

At the central train station in Antwerp, Belgium, regular citizens, going about the banal duty of getting to and from work, embarking on the unknown saga of adventure, or simply going grocery shopping, were surprised with a musical performance in the middle of their busy day.

Their schedules were stopped, their lives momentarily halted. All agendas were interrupted.

Watch this, and tell me you don't wish you could have been there.

I totally have a soft spot for Julie Andrews. Just saying.


  1. Um...YES, I wish I was there!!! Seriously, can we do that here? Can we...can we?? I'll choreograph! :)

  2. Oh, not only do I have a love for train stations, but this is just a delight! Jonathan showed this to me after a long day and it was just the thing to lift my mood! If only life was a musical!

  3. i'm really not sure why, but i cried through this whole thing. the joy of it all was really amazing. thanks for sharing.


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