Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stress Dreams

Sometimes, when a big, meaningful event is on the horizon, I internalize all the stress and anxiety about it. I go about my business, crossing all the regular t's and dotting all the normal i's. I may slam the door a little harder, communicate in a slightly sharper tone to the husband, or re-organize a closet but, I basically stuff the stress down.

That means, as soon as I am deep in REM sleep, my mind has a field day with all the stress hormones I've been ignoring. Last night, I had a full blown stress dream about my upcoming race. It started with me losing my bike shoes. I ended up finding only one of them. I had a cramp during the swim and realized when I took my wet suit off that I had forgotten to wear anything underneath. I vomited, ran out of water, and got a flat tire. Then, somehow, there were people dressed up as various mascots (a chicken, a bear, and a Seahawk) cheering for me as I, crawling, dragged my body across the finish line.

I'm hoping the race goes just a little differently next week.

In the hope of repressing any more triathlon stress dreams, I'm telling you now. I'M NERVOUS. I'M ANXIOUS. I'M a little AFRAID. Ahhhh.... I can feel the stress hormones neutralizing.... It also helped that I bought a new pair of bike shoes today. You know, just in case I lose one of the other ones.

T minus 10 days until the big 70.3.



  1. You can do it! You will rock and display awesomeness like it has never been displayed before! Next time pick a race closer so I can be a witness to how cool my older sister truly is!

  2. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! you are a serious rock star! YOU ARE GOING TO DO GREAT, and if it makes you feel better, I sometimes have dreams with mascots in them too....

  3. You are so awesome and I WISH that I could go cheer you on in Idaho. I totally understand the dreams though... if you find a good way to deal with the stress, let me know. :)

  4. I too am tremendously proud of you! You have worked SO hard and trained SO tirelessly! You will be amazing! I have complete confidence in your ability to totally rock this half Iron-person!
    Go Jodie!

  5. mmmmm...i'm excited for you! what an accomplishment to even stick to the rigorous training schedule....being a busy mom and a wife, to a pastor nonetheless. yep, definitely rock star status.
    is the race in CDA, Idaho??

  6. Lovely to have you back on line - have missed your blogs - but can imagine how hectice you are. You are doing so well - so proud of you for finding time for all this training (and pain) in the midst of your already busy schedule! you are amazing! Love Glenda


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