Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have always heard that the adoption process is a roller coaster. Cognitively, I knew this when we entered the process. After witnessing the process of many friends and reading the blogs of lots of adoptive parents, I understood that there are highs and lows, periods of waiting, and occasional snags. I had done my research and felt ready for the ride.

Until of course, OUR process hit a delay. This, I was NOT emotionally prepared for. Turns out being cognitively prepared for something is WAY different than being emotionally prepared. Things were going very well. We received a court date and scrambled to organize our lives to be across the sea at the end of March to get our son. Then, BOOM. One teensy tiny little piece of paper is missing and it turns out that this paper is a non-negotiable requirement for getting him a US visa. In other words, we can’t bring him home without it. And, this paper that no one knew was important until NOW, could take three months to get.

So, we could be traveling in two weeks or, we could not. At the moment, we’re in limbo, what I like to call adoption purgatory, not quite sure when we’re going to make it into paradise. Lots of families have waited longer than us. There are other adoptions that are more complicated, that have been surprised by more speed bumps. I get that this is par for the course. But, that doesn’t make our process feel any easier. I finally, truly, feel like we’re part of the Frustrated Waiting Families Adoption Club. I would have much rather become a member of the Our Adoption was Easy and Smooth Club. I would have probably been the founding member.

So, we are back to waiting. Or not. We’re keeping site of the fact that God has a plan, that he knows and loves our little guy infinitely more that we ever could. And, we’re really, really praying for a paperwork miracle.


  1. Adoption purgatory. I've never thought of it that way, but it exactly what it is like. I'm so sorry to hear this news. I know how hard the waiting is!

  2. I hear you girl. I always get this feeling when things are going smooth like there will and must be a bump in the road, adoption must have it. Our first with Ruby made it to the fast club having started and her home withing 8 months was a HUGE miracle. We thought this one would be just as smooth...not so much. Its Purgatory for sure!
    Praying for that piece of paper to expedite itself super fast. If its with USCIS out of here in Washington it will be! Praying!

  3. What a good attitude to have - God has a plan for all of this. We're praying for all of you!


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