Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Tatted Up Granny

In honor of my grandmother's 80th birthday,I'm re-posting this. Happy birthday, Grandma Betty!
My 78 year old, churchgoing "don't smoke, drink, or chew and or go with guys who do" Grandma Betty went and got herself a tattoo over the weekend.
Yep. A real tattoo. On her shoulder. At a tatt
oo parlor. She was wearing her "God Bless America" t-shirt. Huge bald men with pierced noses and eyebrows and tattoos covering 80% of their bodies got my little old grandma all tatted up.

Like a teenager, she waited until my parents went away for the weekend to call my sister with her crazy plan. Delighted to be part of the mischief, my sister Andi (she's the baby of the six sisters) picked her up, drove her to the tattoo parlor and PAID for it HERSELF. Apparently Grandma Betty was quite the celebrity. She got hoots and hollers from passersby and talked the artists ear off the WHOLE TIME. Not a surprise if you know my Grandma. She's even gonna be on the tattoo parlor website.

Oh, and the tattoo was of Betty Boop. Betty. Boop.
Grandma Betty Lou was born in August of 1930, the same month and year that the little black and white cartoon made her debut.


  1. Grandma Betty is my new hero! :) Awesome!

  2. I might do that at 80.... my mom wont be around then to tell me off lol

  3. I did a post during the week on 'the tattoo I would get if I was getting a tattoo' and then said I was too scared of my age to get it. Well, Grandma Betty is an inspiration! Thanks for re-posting!!! x

  4. So, so fun to meet you!! I do hope our paths cross again soon.
    And oh my dear, I love your grandmother. That is awesome.

  5. wow your grandma is so cool, and so cute! Betty, the perfect choice too.

  6. coolest granny ever!


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