Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I woke up yesterday morning with an incredibly strange, light-hearted feeling. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that I haven’t felt at all light-hearted lately. We’re in the midst of some big, hard transitions – in our family, in friendships, and even in our church. My life has definitely not been void of joy, however - quite the opposite. I’ve felt intensely happy and intensely broken, often in the same breath. Living with such intense emotion all the time leaves me feeling sort of heavy (not a veiled Back to the Future reference), as you can imagine.

But, yesterday, when I opened my swollen eyes, expecting my body to groan in rebellion to the offensive clanging of the alarm clock, I instead felt immediately ready to take on the day. I felt light. I even had the teensiest little spring in my step.

It reminded me of the Disney movie Wall-e, when the white robot, Eve, finds a singular tender green plant, and that one little shoot is enough to eventually bring the entire human population back to earth. I felt like there was some promising new growth in my soul yesterday, some new source of oxygen to fuel my journey.

I made lunches, made breakfast, got kids off to school, volunteered in Duzi’s Kindergarten class, called a few friends I haven’t talked to in months, got some work done for the job I’m still pretending I have, and generally felt great – and by great, I mean more like myself.

Adoption, Life Transition, and Ministry are all like a roller coaster – unpredictable, with significant highs and lows. Today I’m paying attention to the small steps of progress, to the little plant taking root.

I’m resurfacing slowly, and it feels pretty darn good.


  1. Don't you just love when everything comes together & you can get things done?!

    I recently went through some big transitions in my life too & learned how to trust in the Lord more & have peace in the midst of it.


    Stop by & check out mine:


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