Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Stuff Friday (VIP tickets to Soul Surfer Screening)

Once a week, at least, I have dreams about the island of Kauai. Usually, I'm dreaming that we've moved there and have become an uber-mellow hippie family that grows avocado and pineapple in the front yard. We don't have jobs in this dream, or responsibilities of any kind. No one calls us with an emergency and really, no one even knows where we are. I think this is officially called escapism. When I wake up, I'm reminded that Kauai is for vacation, when we can afford it - meaning when we can mooch a free place to stay and pay for airfare with miles. And, that Seattle is for real life, where we snowboard, hike and generally commune with the giant trees.

White sandy beaches, aquamarine sea, and consistent sunshine are pretty awesome selling points, however.  So, when I heard that the Bethany Hamilton story was coming to the big screen, I was pretty excited. Bethany is a surfer from Kauai who survived a shark attack as a young teenager and has lived to not only tell about it, but to inspire scads of people around the world to overcome adversity. And, my 11-year old daughter Alex is a big Bethany Hamilton fan. Alex read Hamilton's book, "Soul Surfer," and identified with the surfer's faith and perseverance in a big way. 

I was even more excited when I was offered the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the movie with my family AND give away 5 free tickets to my blog readers.

Spring in Seattle is always slightly disappointing. One sees flowers blooming, but isn't guaranteed a sighting of the sun. So, SOUL SURFER, the movie will bring me the Kauai fix I desperately need, albeit without the tan.

April 6th at AMC Pacific Place in Seattle at 6:15pm. Winners will receive a SOUL SURFER mystery gift pack, as well. 

Leave a comment to enter. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday morning.

Good Luck!


  1. Well, I have to comment on this one:) Kiernan loved that book and it has made for some great conversations with the neighborhood friends she shared it with. I'm hoping the movie lives up to the hype. But if not, I agree that views of Hawaii will make it worth the trip to Seattle. Need. Sunshine. Now.

  2. Andrew SchneidlerApril 1, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    Pick me! Pick me! Would it help my chances to win if I said I think your fam & kids absolutely rock(s)? Cuz they do :-)

  3. And, the winner is....................

    Keri Foley! Sorry, Andrew - ya had a 50/50 chance and the program selected Keri.

    Keri, show up at Pacific Place on the Wed night at 6:15 and give your name to the reps in the front!


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