Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Heart Daylight Savings!

So, it's 6pm here in Washington. It's a little gray, but we had 3 full hours of glorious sunshine earlier and it's NOT RAINING! Best of all, it's still LIGHT OUT!!!!! If you've ever lived in Seattle, or a place where darkness begins to fall at 3:30pm in the winter (not an exageration) , you are feeling my joy!

Mike and Caleb are mowing the lawn (Mike has a riding mower he's a little too proud of), and Alex is climbing trees. I just harvested some compost and weeded 2 flower beds. A part of my soul is coming alive again, just like the flowers everywhere in the great Northwest.

I love Spring. Spring in the Northwest is a glorious event. Color returns, life creeps back in to the landscape, and everybody reappears outside. I have been looking really forward to my runs lately. It's like my body NEEDS to be out in nature, as if my existence is dependent upon viewing the newness, the innocence of baby leaves and budding daffodils. I did an 11 miler on Monday with my good friends, Lori and Sheri. The time flew by as we talked about everything from a teenage daughter starting her period to the best power gel to consume while running, to what races we're entering next, to issues involving our kids' schools. I finished the run amazed at how powerful the 3 of us were. Mothers, runners, friends, wives, community advocates....
I drove home thanking God for my legs, my heart, my friends, and....water.

Ahhhh, friendship and spring.


  1. I'm with you...except I keep forgetting to start dinner because it seems so early!

  2. I will truely miss Spring and Summer over here. It IS glorious and just being outside and enjoying nature reminds me how much God loves me and how good and wise He is.


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