Sunday, March 16, 2008

South Africa Bound....

I'm heading back to South Africa this November/ December to serve an AMAZING organization called Ithemba Lethu (link to the left in the "links" column). Anybody wanna come????????

This photo is actually from the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. We had an 8 hour layover in DC on the way...

I've been thinking about what I saw in South Africa. We saw severe, merciless injustice, disease, insane poverty.......All literally next door to affluent, upper middle class white South African society. It was mind blowing. At one point when we were working in a "creche" (preschool) in a shantytown, I looked around and realized that at least 60% of the class would die of HIV/AIDS within 10 years. In that same moment, I realized that the little girls, the precious little angels wanting piggy back rides, had likely already been molested or raped. They were 5.

For most of the trip, I did not have hope. I did not know what to do. I felt totally powerless.

Then, we visited Ithemba Lethu (Zulu for "I have a destiny: ) Please check out their web site. And, if you feel compelled, donate. In the midst of the mire and sludge, God is doing a work in the hearts of the South African people. And, He tends to specialize in redeeming broken things.

Come with me and let God use you to touch a life.


  1. Oh... I really wish that I could go on another trip... I think that Finn will be too small (code for I'm not ready to leave him). I am so glad that you are going again!!

  2. it's going to be a great trip...wish I could go again with you!

  3. I don't think I will able to go on this trip, but I would love to go a little further down the road.

  4. Hello, I don't think you and I have ever officially met, but I'm on the MOPS steering team at church and was at the meeting when you and Neely came to talk to us about your trip to Africa. I so admire your passion to help these children and I'm excited about MOPS partnering with you! I am REALLY looking forward to hearing you speak tomorrow! I'll be praying for you!


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