Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kindergarten Dating

Every night at bedtime, Caleb asks me something deep and meaningful. His tendency to wax philosphical late at night must stem from the feeling of safety he experiences underneath the covers, snuggling his favorite stuffed animal, his parents focused on him. Or, he could just be trying to stall.

Tonight he asked, "Mama, what does a "married" mean?"

I explained that "married" was like Mommy and Daddy. He said, "No, I want to hear about when you go on the stage with a girl."

So, I said, "Oh, you mean a wedding?"

"Yeah, mama, yeah."

"Well, the boy wears a fancy suit and the girl wears a pretty white dress, and they promise each other, God, and everyone that they will love each other forever."

"Oh, that's like me and Audrey."

"You and Audrey?"

"Yeah, she asked me a long time ago to be her boyfriend. She's my girlfriend. Ronan and Tom love her, but she picked me."

"Oh, wow, buddy, do you talk to Ronan and Tom about Audrey?"

"She has short hair. It's brownish. She's really nice, mama. We're going to live in Seattle."

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