Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nuts on the Bus

The greatest thing about having kids is watching them learn new things. How to talk, how to read, how to add, and of course, slang from their friends.

Today, Caleb learned something new on the school bus. A male sixth grader yelled from the back, "Dude, bus driver, Emily just threw her water bottle at my nuts!" Bus driver responded, "Emily, did you really mean to throw it at his nuts?" Shy Emily said, "NO! I meant to throw it at his stomach!" Kevin the bus driver had a talk with Emily's parents when he dropped her off and informed me he had a headache when he dropped my kids off to me.

Caleb was apparently listening very intently.

Tonight, Caleb yelled from the bathtub, "Mo-om, do I have to clean my nuts?"

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