Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Kindergarten Teacher with Class

When we were in Hawaii in February, Caleb picked out a pair of bright blue hibiscus earrings for his beloved Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Underwood. Mrs. Underwood is roughly my age, which I'll leave you to guess, and has a good sense of style. That is to say, I'm fairly certain she wouldn't have picked out the bright blue hibiscus earrings on her own.

Caleb absolutely insisted that we purchase the earrings from the esteemed ABC store on the tropical island of Kauai. My kids love the ABC store. Pringles? Ukuleles? Check. Cheesy Hawaiian paraphernalia made in China? Check. Marked up sunscreen for ignorant tourists? Check. At $1.99 a pop, the painted jewelry seemed irresistible and I couldn't really refuse him. We bought the earrings for Mrs. Underwood and I just hoped she didn't think I picked them out (even though I really did admire Caleb's cute devotion to his teacher.)

So, today, a month after we returned from Hawaii (so I take a while to unpack from vacation), Caleb finally presented Mrs. Underwood with the precious, exotic, ABC store earrings. I ventured to school today to volunteer in my daughter's class and I ran in to Mrs. Underwood in the hall. She was wearing the bright blue hibiscus earrings. We talked about Caleb's dramatic, "Close your eyes Mrs. Underwood" presentation and I almost cried. We laughed at the gifts Kindergartners dream up and I went on to my volunteer gig. I saw her an hour later and she was still wearing the earrings.

Tonight at dinner, Caleb said, "Mom, Dad, listen! Mrs. Underwood took out her regular earrings. She TOOK them OUT! Then, she put in the blue one! She LOVES blue, Mom! And, she weared them the whole day!" Then, out of pure joy overflow, he proceeded to do different renditions of " I'm Singin' in the Rain." Caleb's versions are "I'm singin' on the Floor, " and "I'm Singin' in the Butterscotch."

I want to change someone's life by wearing blue hibiscus earrings.......

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  1. Oh crap! That is so cute! What a wonderful teacher to wear them all day. I love it!


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