Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are you a flosser?

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. For all of you with strong teeth enamel, this sounds like no big deal. I do not belong to your club. I have weak teeth. The amount of money I have invested in my mouth could solve global warming, or something like that. My dentist once told me, "You are the reason I can go on vacation." I have had root canals, crowns, cavities....you name it. I have a dirty mouth.

There's a new dentist in the office, now. The son of the original dentist in this practice has now graduated from dental school. He has 2 more brothers coming up after him. The problem is, the new kid is like 15. OK, more like 25. And, he's hot. Isn't the term "hot dentist" an oxymoron? It's a very weird experience to have a hot dentist. I have confessed his hotness to my husband, don't worry. Mike's definitely not worried. When hot dentist takes a look inside MY mouth, I'm pretty sure there's no attraction.

Tomorrow's just a cleaning. But, I'm sure I'll get news of some new issue with my teeth. Our tax refund is going to finance hot dentist's trip to Fiji.


  1. You know what is so ironic (and I'm NOT joking either!)? I was totally admiring your teeth yesterday when we were talking after school. They're so white! I drove away thinking, "How did I NOT notice Jodie's teeth before?"

    True story. Not lying.


  2. I am an obsessive flosser. But I don't think that I could see a hot dentist. How awkward! :)

  3. Yep, our tax money coming to us next month is all going to the dentist. My kids had 5 cavaties each and I'm having all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled.

    I've never had a hot dentist,but I did have a hot OBGYN once...and he went to my church. He introduced me to his wife,too...AWKWARD!

  4. Oh, and hot OBGYN's name was Dr. Fine :)

  5. That is THE best! A hot dentist! I'm the one who goes to the dentist and tells them that I floss, even if that means only after a tub of popcorn...once every two months.


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