Thursday, June 12, 2008


"Ithemba" is Zulu for "hope."

On my trip to South Africa last year, I was confronted with the devastating magnitude of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Before I left, I read about it, wept over it, and prayed intensely for it.  Nothing prepared me for seeing it firsthand. I felt paralyzed, hopeless, and useless, unsure of how to even begin making a dent in the issue. By the end, God revealed glimpses of hope, of light shining through the darkness.

This video is unaffiliated with Ithemba Lethu, the organization in Durban, South Africa that we are going to work with in December. But, it is spot on in terms of encapsulating part of the crisis.

This is the story of an entire choir of HIV positive Africans traveling to the United States as ambassadors of hope, requesting resources and ARV's.


  1. I am honored, humbled and grateful to be joining you this year in Africa.

    I'm sure I'll cry the entire time.



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