Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An S.O.S. from the Woods

We live in the woods. Albeit a civilized, Starbucks is a 2 minute drive away, kind of woods. We have at least a hundred tall evergreens circling our property. Our friend Matt from California recently visited us and said he felt like "bears were going to jump at him when he walked up our driveway." Usually when people from the dry, barren desert of Southern California visit us, they say, "I feel like I'm at camp." 

We don't have bears (sorry, Matt!) but we do have a host of other forest friends. Woodpeckers, raccoons, birds, squirrels, an occasional coyote, owls, bats, and quail all live in our yard. Snow White would be in heaven. Usually our interaction with the wildlife is pleasant. They do their thing and we do ours. 

Sadly, one beast has crossed the line. It has violated the peace treaty we have all been abiding by for the last four years. For the past three months, a red breasted robin has been incessantly pecking at our front window, from dawn until dusk, determined to break in. He pecks, then, with a loud thud,  hurls himself full force at the glass. Then, while the pain wears off,  he just sort of jumps at it. What does he want? The china? The electronics?  Access to indoor plumbing? I have asked everyone I know what we should do to help this bird move on peaceably. Nothing has worked. Clearly, he has an unhealthy obsession with our family and has become fixated on an impossible task. Perhaps his mother pushed him out of the nest too soon. Perhaps she pushed him out too late. 

We're actively taking suggestions. So far the only ones making sense involve weaponry. 


  1. Do Robins have any natural predators? Maybe you could get one of those fake owls (or something else, I have no idea what might scare a bird) and set it inside the window. It could see the owl retreat out of fear!
    Set up a trap so rocks fall on its head when it pecks on the window? Good luck.

  2. This blog made me laugh out loud. Love it! Here is what I have heard to do. I tried it with woodpeckers and it didn't seem to help but who knows. You are supposed to tape aluminum foil (on the top) on whatever they are trying to get through. The foil then blows in the wind and threatens to blind them. The movement is supposed to be scary. Like I said, the woodpeckers figured it out pretty fast but maybe Robins aren't as cunning. :)

  3. My husband has a BB gun...? We used to live in the woods too - but never had this kind of trouble!
    Sorry, no help there - but highly entertaining to us :)

  4. I wonder if it is the same one that is trying to get in our front window every morning? Ours isn't a robin, not sure what he is (dark wings, white breast, orange sides) but every morning around 7 he's diving at the front window! He only does it for about 10 minutes so doesn't bother us much. WHat I've done before with birds doing this is tape a picture of a face to the inside of the window (from an ad or something). There might be too much glare for him to see it but it might work! Good luck!


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