Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Bible Camp Greatest Hits

I taught Caleb's class this year. He's going in to first grade. I had 9 boys and 2 girls. Five days of pure, unadulterated, concentrated chaos.

Here are my top two favorite quotes from my budding Bible scholars;

1. "Jodie, do you KNOW why I'm picking my nose?"
"No buddy, I don't."
     "Because YOU DIDN'T GET ME A TISSUE!"
 "Wow. I think you have to ask me out loud, buddy."

2.  "Jenga-fett from Star Wars could kick anyone in the penis."

All in all, a good week. The kids took away a few key things. One, Jesus loves them and two, church is really, really fun. Mission accomplished! 363 days until VBC '09......


  1. Thanks for sharing these - very funny!

  2. Ah ... a glimpse into my world.

    Ha ha ... too funny!

  3. See what happens with a class full of boys!!


  4. Hooray for VBS! It's the best week of the summer! I'm really bummed we were out of town. Next year....

  5. (Hey Jodie; just saying hi from Alaska! First time we had internet access in a lodge and I'm surfing while Pete puts the kids to bed. My Mike actually started a blog a few weeks ago after I showed him Caleb and Alex's so he was posting and i had to check your posts out! Going on the sail boat trip tomorrow. See you this weekend. Do you guys like Halibut? We have a bunch on the way home next week - we'll BBQ if you'd like! Cathie)

  6. Hi Cathie!

    Hope you guys are having a blast! I left Mike a comment on his blog! We love Halibut, so any you wanna share, we're happy! Can't wait to here about Alaska!!

  7. These are hysterical...we are entering the fasination with body parts here at the Arnold residence. Fun times!
    Sadie (Carlee's sister) :)

  8. Love it!
    Love the new look too :)


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