Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hubbie has a BLOG!!!!!

My husband has been silently witnessing the blog phenomenon for several months. He's been itching to start one of his own. He's a phenomenal writer. He has a published book, even (MILES TO CROSS) .But, feeling a bit intimidated by technology, has not crossed over the precipice. And, feeling like adding anything else to his (actually OUR) PACKED schedule as the Lead Pastor of OVERLAKE CHRISTIAN CHURCH would put him right over the edge, he's delayed the inevitable. You know, copying me. :)

Here is his new blog.....KILLING CHURCHIANITY. Read it, comment on it...give him a shout out.....I kinda like him.....

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  1. wow....I can see why you kinda like him...thanks for sharing......it's good stuff


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