Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reflections on the First Day of School

I barely slept last night. Unfortunately, this is not really rare for me. I'm a certifiable insomniac. When sleep chooses to bless me with her grace, I am effusively grateful and can't stop telling friends about how deeply unconscious I was once this past week. Last night, I was kept awake by worrying about making lunches, waking up the kids on time, getting to the bus on time, and appropriately earmarking the day as "one of the memories my kids will have for the rest of their lives."

I woke up at 6, stayed in bed till 7, and planned to cook an amazing breakfast. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men........The morning didn't go exactly as planned. Caleb decided he wanted to wear a belt. Not in the loopholes of his pants. Around his midsection on the outside of his shirt. He thought it looked smart, savvy, COOL. I believe in letting kids assert their own individuality. I decided to ignore the fashion violation....at first. As I packed lunches, I began to visualize the older kids catching a glimpse of my belted boy. I could hear the ridicule and decided to remove the belt from my son. He protested, he cried, he made terrible faces in photos. He was SERIOUSLY pissed at me.

I do believe it was the right decision, as he perked up as soon as he entered the company of other kids...belt episode forgotten.

Well, at least until he decides he needs therapy because his mother didn't let him make his own fashion decisions....

On the way to the bus, beltless

Bus stop, miraculous recovery


  1. You're an excellent mom, Jodie. Your stories make me remember my days of being a mom of young kids. Doesn't seem that long ago.....

  2. haha...the belt thing is too funny. i didn't realize that little boys had such fashion aspirations too. that sounds like something jocelyn would do.

    the other day i let katelyn wear blue plaid shorts with a purple flower print shirt. i let her wear them on a family outing, but i would be lying to say it didn't bug me.

  3. My two Seattle grandkids must be without a doubt the cutest kids in all of Seattle!! The photos are priceless--and I agree with you--the belt had to go!! Isn't it wonderful how quick the recovery is?


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