Friday, September 5, 2008

Turtles in the Bath Tub

"So, there are two turtles in a bathtub. One says to the other, 'Hey, pass the soap." The other turtle says, "What do you think I am, a radio?"

Caleb came home very pleased with this joke and Mike and I smiled real big but looked at each other with a "what am I missing" eye brow raise.

"Get it? Get it? A soap opera!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!"

Another eye brow raise. And a forced chuckle for good measure.


  1. I've never heard this joke.

    Nor do I understand it.

    He DID NOT get it from his teacher.


  2. lol. that is really cute :) I Love it when kid laugh at thier jokes that don't make sense to us.

  3. Hey Jodie-

    I had a few questions for you, but didn't want to do it publicly. Do you mind sending me your email address? I promise I want junk email you nor will I stalk you.....well.....I Do stalk your blog. :)
    If you want, I can just ask Sarah for it thru facebook, that way its not on this site. lemme know

  4. Whew! After not understanding the first line I was questioning the legitimacy of my college degree.

  5. Okay so this is really sad...Chad actually got Caleb's joke! I read it to him and he said, "yeah, soap opera like on tv. I get it", to which I explained that soap operas are on tv, not the radio. Wrong, apparently! Chad went into this long explanation that before TV all "shows" were on the radio in the evenings and on Saturdays, etc..
    So, I still don't get it, but at least one person got Caleb's humor! haha

  6. Refreshing to know that it made sense to someone!


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