Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marriage Proposals

Our daughter, Alex, is the oldest kiddo in our immediate circle of friends. See previous post for a photo of the whole motley crew. Being the oldest girl in a crew of little boys makes Alex quite the hottie. The boys LOVE it when she bosses them around and breaks up their fights. Her brother, on the other hand, likes to backhand her for the same reasons.

Last night, both Simeon and Liam, in their awesomely brave preschool voices, informed Alex separately that they were going to marry her.

Alex's version of the story goes like this:

Sim - "Alex, I'm going to marry you."
Alex - "What? What do you mean?"
Sim - "We'll get married."
Alex - "Oh....cool."
Sim - (Hands her a Hot Wheels car.)

Liam - "Alex, can I marry you?"
Alex (surprised at being offered marriage twice in one night) "You, too? Wow."
Liam (silent, apparently waiting for an answer).
ALex - "Um, cool."
Liam - "OK, bye!"

Boys, you're gonna have to fight it out. Unfortunately, Alex things she's going to marry the Jonas Bothers (well, at least one of them) right now.

How, oh how, are we going to resolve this dilemma?


  1. Wow, Alex looks so grown-up in that picture!

  2. we could let sim and liam wrestle to determine who is most worthy of her love!!

  3. That's awesome. I asked him if he asked her last night and he didn't say anything. Pretty cute! I am proud of his taste in young ladies.

  4. Ginny, ha ha! Wouldn't that be reverse polygamy?

  5. Wow Jodie... the last time I saw your kids they were so little! Caleb was probably a little less than two years old (I just remember that pretty much the only words he knew were 'No' and 'No Alex') It's so awesome that you are giving your kids this community, my parents did the same thing and my sister and I had similar problems to Alex when we were growing up.

  6. oh right!!!! II guess Mormons being patriarchial would hardly allow 1 women to have 2 husbands. I did some checking: Alex would have to move to Tibet for that! Technically it would be reverse polygyny a.k.a. polyanny. Good to know that there is a form of polygamy out there for girls to choose if they wish!

  7. oops.... that's polyandry (not polyanny)


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