Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been tagged by Lisa.....

1. I love going out to breakfast. It always feels like vacation.

2. I absolutely hate seafood. I know, I know, I'm missing out. Limiting myself. And, you probably cook the best salmon in the world. Congratulations to you but, trust me when I say I would not like it. I think it's the smell. I can't get past the fishy smell of fish.

3. In high school, I had a party at my parents house attended by 500 other teenagers. Yes, my parents were out of Christian Family Camp. There was a fight, an ambulance, a hospitalization, and much debt for me to pay off. And, it took a solid 3 years for my parents to trust me again. Actually, they are probably still a little nervous to give me a key to their house.

4. I hate cleaning. No explanation necessary.

5. I have 5 younger sisters, No brothers. When my son was born, my father's shout of joy was heard worldwide.

6. I love to read and write. In my pre-Washington life, I taught high school English. Be careful when you leave grammatically incorrect comments on this one. I have my red pen right here.

7. I once played Scrooge in a Christmas play. No boys volunteered.

Now, I'm tagging Kristen, Sarah, Jen, Frectis, and Nancy.


  1. 500 teenagers at one party?! You must share details about this!! I don't think I even knew 500 people let alone teenagers!

  2. Jodie your party "confession" was hilarious! Thanks for the smile. Now wouldn't it be funny if your parents were to admit that they weren't actually at Christian Camp that weekend! Hmmmmmm.............

  3. Yes, more details about the party! There were only about 300 people in my entire high school.

    Funny comment from Ginny. :)

  4. Okay, I'm doing this! Any minute now!


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