Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas Report

We spent Christmas Eve at church (shocking, I know). Alex sang in the kids choir and Caleb participated in a cardboard testimony part of the service, where 50 people held up inspiring stories of how God has changed their lives. The front side of Caleb's board said, "I used to have nightmares." He turned it over and it said, "Now I pray at bedtime and have good dreams."

Seriously cute.

Miraculously, both our kids slept in until 7:30 yesterday. We awoke to screams of joy and 2 fresh feet of snow on the ground. We have had so much snow lately, that our kids spent Christmas day snowboarding down our street. Later in the day, we had some dear friends over for dinner and Mike had to shuttle them up the street because our car has chains on it....

Alex's Performance

Caleb's Thoughts on Christmas....

These are my awesome Napoleon Dynamite moon boots. 

My turkey...It rocked, I'll be honest.


  1. Alex and Caleb are so precious! Great looking turkey too!

  2. Too cute...we missed you. The kids are priceless!

  3. It looks like you guys had a great day! We missed you on Christmas and everyday! Did you get our gift?

  4. hi, can u tell what is the brand and if u can the model of your Napoleon moonboots, im looking for them on the net but i can find only covers for cosplay, not the real ones. Thank u

    ps:if u want write me at


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