Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dead Fish

Tonight, I was alone. I played Santa, wrapping presents and dividing stocking booty, while Mike took the kids to their Christmas Eve service rehearsal at church. After completing said wrapping duty, I began making stock for the Christmas Day gravy. I've never before been so prepared for gravy making. Thank you, Martha Stewart, for the inferiority complex.

While chopping the appropriate herbs and veggies for the stock, I noticed that the the Beta fish I won at a country fair for my son last summer was looking particularly groggy in it's 16 oz bowl. Being the compassionate woman that I am, I attempted to clean the fish's bowl so he could absorb oxygen from the water in a more efficient manner.

As I poured the dirty water into the garbage disposal, said purple Beta Fish somehow leaped from his bowl into the kitchen sink, down the drain, and into the the dark abyss of our septic tank. And, I might add, the garbage disposal was ON.

My son, the registered owner of the belated Beta fish is on his way home as I type. I think I'll tell him over breakfast, leaving out the detail of grinding garbage disposal. Someday, when HE has kids, I'll fess up and ask for forgiveness.

Until then, I'm too chicken.


  1. That's hilarious and a little sad. I am super impressed by your gravy preparedness!!

  2. Aww, that's so sad. I was there when you won that fish for him!

  3. oh crap...that is amazing and nasty!

  4. Oh my goodness so sad, I hope telling him goes over well.

    Ps. Lucky you, I picked your name in the name drawing this year for christmas and I have your present waiting. I need you to call me though for more info so when you get a chance give me a call or slip your email and I can let you know. The number is 949-510-8681 and the email is ashleengordon@gmail.com Talk to you soon and have a good Christmas Eve and Christmas. :)

  5. Something fishy is going on at the Howerton house.

  6. oh. my. gosh.

    the visuals in my head went WAY to far.

    poor fishy. poor jodie. poor caleb.

    P.S. i 100% support the lying technique until older!


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