Saturday, January 17, 2009


My runs have gone better this week. I'm not in nearly as much pain and I'm beginning to remember why I like running, why I started in the first place.

I am not a natural runner. I was not born with the gift. I do not look like a gazelle sprinting effortlessly across the African plains when I hit the trails. I am not like my friend, Andrew, who runs a 4:30 minute mile without trying very hard. I am not like my friend and former professional triathlete, Lori, who is like the Energizer Bunny on speed.

I'm just me. An average girl (I refuse to refer to myself as a woman - it's sounds like I'm talking about my mom. No offense, mom), who tries to defy genetics to do what I know is good for me. In truth, I love to run. Well, jog, actually. But, it's not easy for me. It's not natural. It's hard, hard work sometimes. I'm often the last one in the pack to make it up a big hill and my race times are hardly impressive.

So, for me, victory does not come in the form of breaking through the shiny finish line tape. For me, victory is that I get out there and pound the pavement anyway.

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles with my pack, my running girls. They totally kicked my butt on the hills, as usual. Even while we chatted, catching up on the details of each others's lives, I prayed. Time on the trail doubles as my time with the Creator, who gave me lungs and legs in the first place.

Afterward, when I was back in the car, heading home in my sweaty gear, I inhaled as deeply as my lungs would allow. Oxygen infused every single cell in my body and I felt startlingly alive, surprisingly clean. I looked at my normally bloodshot eyes in the rearview mirror and they were crystal clear. Running helps me bring everything into focus. The unnecessary, ridiculous things fade away and the raw, true things fly to the surface.

Ah, I thought. This is why I run.

(By the way, this photo actually is of a trail I run on.... :) )



  1. Okay Jodie, so you run, you read the Twilight series in a week, do you sleep? Are you like Martha Stewart who averages, like 3 hours a night? You are always an inspiration!

  2. Jodie, never say "jog". You run! I'm a runner too and can relate to what you said about time on the trail is time with your Creator. I don't go to church or even have Faith, but running is a very spiritual, renewing experience for me as well. And I can't bring myself to say "woman" either... I think as long as you can let yourself be goofy and have fun, you can be a "girl"!

    Beautiful trail. Lucky girl!

  3. OK, I am becoming a runner and I am a 55 year old "woman" There's something about just getting out there and running, no matter how fast you go that energizes and renews your spirit. I am thankful that my body is holding up and I can actually have fun! You are an inspiration Jodie!

  4. Wish I was on your trail! :) Started running again . . .it feels like it has been 20 years! A few ladies at work are training for the rock n roll marathon in SD (want to join us :) ? ) Hoping my achy legs can handle the race in 5 months. Keep telling myself the lactic acid pain is only temporary.
    You read the twilight series :) . . .!!! FUN!

  5. I feel exactly the same way about calling myself a woman. haha.


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