Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing in Action

I am currently taking time out of my busy schedule to let you know that regular blogging will resume soon. By busy, I mean I have a date with my sofa for the third night in a row.

I am reading the "Twilight" series and must push through to finish the last two books so that I can get my life back. I would like to publicly apologize to my friends (you know who you are) for scoffing at what I deemed to be their very poor literary choices. I once rolled my eyes at the thought of a vampire love story actually capturing my attention. Turns out, I have been smitten by Edward the vampire and the heroine's best friend who is, naturally, a werewolf.

I won't go into any further details about the plot because you will scoff at me. But, be warned. If you pick up the first book, you will not see your family for days. Your children will be on their own for homework and dinner. Your husband will begin to have vampire-envy.

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  1. Yeah, the same thing happened to me in Nov./Dec. I thought that I should probably read them since my students are obsessed with the saga and the movie came out... I foolishly just bought the first two because they were in paperback, and I didn't want to buy the other two in hardcover. Umm, yeah, soon after I started reading, I knew there was NO WAY I could wait unti the last 2 came out in paperback. So there they sit on my shelf! I loved them. It was a let down when I finished reading them. Do you know you can go on the author's website and read the portion of the first one from Edward's POV? It's called "Midnight Sun," I think.


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