Saturday, January 3, 2009

Confession of Serial Lost and Found Swiper

This has been bothering me for a while now. But, I can't seem to stop. Thank you for the opportunity to purge my conscience.

Every time the kids and I go to the pool, I check through the lost and found stash of scores of goggles and "borrow" them. Only, sometimes I "forget" to put them back. In fact, I'm still "borrowing" a pair for my own lap swimming.

Today at the pool, my son said, "Mom, do you ALWAYS take stuff from the lost and found?"

Not having any clue how to answer, I distracted him by throwing him in the water.

There, I have now confessed it to the internet and will hopefully sleep better tonight.


  1. Confession:

    I still have the baby blanket of my friends son from like 3 years ago - she doesn't know she forgot it at my house and its been so long I feel like I stole it!!

    Oh the guilt every time I see it in the linen closet!!

  2. It's really more environmentally friendly for you to do this. Fewer goggles are being produced, using fewer non-renewable resources. It makes sense!

  3. I still have BEACH TOWELS, goggles and a couple of swim caps from my lifeguard/swim team days...and I haven't been in a chlorinated pool in 10 years...

    I definitely feel better having that off my chest:)

  4. Oh Jodie... I feel your pain! The girls have one " borrowed" pair" in our swim bag as we speak. I have good intentions, but, you know, we forget!
    Thanks for reminding me to return them this Saturday!


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