Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the Saddle

The month of December passed me by like a prize race horse. I spent two weeks in Africa and two weeks with my family during Christmas break.

I did not work out once. I didn't run, I didn't swim, I didn't bike. I barely even walked fast up the stairs. I did, however, stuff my face like I was training for one of those Japanese eating contests. In my defense, so many lovely people from church gave us baked goods for Christmas. How could I not honor their efforts? Cookies, breads, fruitcakes and candy lined our countertops begging to be tasted. I mean, what would I say if someone asked, "Did you enjoy my reindeer shaped fudge?" Or, "That fruitcake was my grandma's recipe. DId you like it?"

Besides, there was too much snow on the ground to run outside and we were snowed in for quite a few days. Like 3.

But, the new year is here. And for the past two days, I have gotten with the program. Yesterday I did a spin class and went for a jog. Today, I suffered through a Boot Camp class and swam afterward. It feels so good to be moving again. I just put a new race on my calendar, an Olympic Distance Triathlon, for June.

This triathlon is a big, big goal for me. My stomach does this weird little back handspring when I think about any aspect of the race. I often avoid setting big goals because I fear failure. We've all failed or been rejected on occasion and well, it just sucks. Last year I applied to graduate school and did not get in. I've written a few articles for magazines and they've been sent back. I ran for student council in high school and lost. It is easy to use those memories as an excuse to not set big goals and to settle quietly into the background.

But, I hate the background. It's not fulfilling and it's not where God's called me to live. So, I'm getting back in the saddle, signing up for races, preparing new articles, and trying to not let fear rule my decisions....


  1. Jod:
    I love your blog and I love your insight! You are wise! Thanks for the encouragement to fight the fear within me. Thanks for the extra bit of motivation to GO BIG ... now I have to figure out what BIG is!!!! :) Miss you!

  2. Jodie-
    I loved your post on "New Beginnings". I was wondering if I could read it Tuesday to our MOPS group and publish it in our newletter?

    Keep Blogin', they are great to read!

  3. GO BIG! go nail that tri. Is it your first? Its all in the details of training. and what better reason to get out the door than thinking about a dnf looming over your head. and dont worry even if your the very last person on the course, and they have to pause during the awards ceremony for you to come in, everyone there will cheer you on even louder than the middle-of-the-packer cause they know how you are suffering and are on our side. and of course as long as you finally get there you are a triathlete. i am in awe of the olympic distance, by the way, I have only attempted the sprint

  4. oh yeah, i speak from experience on that coming in last thing

  5. Hey Jodie!
    Jarrett did an Olympic Triathlon in September. It was also his first race and I believe he only had 2 months to train. I believe he did it in a little over 2 hours. With 6 months to train I am sure you will do great. Good luck itll be a great accomplishment once your done.. so I've heard haha.

  6. Jodie, I haven't been here in a while and I've missed your writing! You wrote this so well. Good luck getting back in the saddle. And don't despair.... sometimes a break in just what we need. Your training now will actually be the better for it.

    Happy New Year!


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